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          Energy transformation

          World-Class Clients
          The industry’s largest upstream, midstream and downstream companies are our customers.
          Award Winning
          Making significant investments in future capabilities.
          Saving Millions
          Predictive analytics real-time solutions are leading the way.

          With the emergence of alternative energy sources and environmental concerns escalating, the oil and gas industry is turning to digital to deliver more energy options, reduce cost and provide higher customer satisfaction.



          We know your top-of-mind issues. And we know how to help.

          A Large US Petroleum and Gas Company
          A Large US Petroleum and Gas Company

          makes every drop count by discovering what goes missing on the journey from oil field to gas pump.

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          A Major Manufacturer of Tubular Technology
          A Major Manufacturer of Tubular Technology

          used for oil and gas tied together several ERP systems it had acquired and saved 65% in operations costs.

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          Unlocking Digital Value
          How do we make such a profound
          to our clients?

          Cognizant engagements place equal emphasis on the three keys to digital success: Customer Experience, Business Process and Tech Infrastructure.


          It all starts with your customers.


          It all starts with your customers.

          Unlocking real digital value and improving outcomes for your business means we must address their needs as well as the needs of your employees.

          How do we do it?


          By helping you build a Digital Business

          Go beyond supporting business and advance it with smarter products, exceptional customer experiences and more efficient operations primed for transformative growth.

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          A Digital Business with Digital Operations

          Reimagine and create new digital processes that drive performance, deliver more humanized transactions and leverage automation, AI and scalable platforms.

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          A Digital Business with Digital Operations powered by Digital Systems & Technology

          Simplify, modernize and secure your IT backbone with integrated services and digital solutions that unlock value at scale and speed.

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          Customized Business Solutions

          We help our clients accelerate their Digital Business transformations as they move beyond a focus on cost efficiencies to driving top-line revenue growth.

          Packaged Industry Solutions

          To deliver immediate impact to the business, we offer proven solutions designed to tackle challenges your industry faces—generating cash flow you need to fund more complex initiatives.

          Create value. Everywhere.

          Operate in silos, without data and insights flowing out of the three areas above, and your initiatives will fail. Only by building a fused, holistic organization can you respond to customer needs and drive new growth.

          01 Digital Business

          Go beyond supporting business and advance it.

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          02 Digital Operations

          Reimagine and create new digital processes.

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          03 Digital Systems & Technology

          Simplify, modernize and secure your IT backbone.

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          Recently published insights

          Transforming Oil & Gas Industry

          Learn how transformational technologies are revolutionizing Oil and Gas operations across Upstream, Midstream and Downstream.

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          COGNIZANT 20-20 INSIGHTS
          Automating the Petroleum Industry, from Wells to Wheels

          Crude oil price pressures and the Great Crew Change drive automation to lubricate nearly every link of the petroleum supply chain.

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          COGNIZANT 20-20 INSIGHTS
          A Human-Centric Approach to Oil & Gas Industry Safety

          Wearables and other digital hardware can help find the root causes of accidents and minimize workplace safety incidents.?

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          In a recent report analyzing IT services in the oil and gas industry, HfS Research named Cognizant to its “As-a-Service Winner’s Circle” for Energy Operations. Cognizant was recognized for its digital vision and connected operations across the value chain.

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          PRESS ROOM

          In the?news

          NOVEMBER 5, 2018

          Orica Selects Cognizant to Cloud-Enable IT Infrastructure for a Globally Connected Enterprise

          MAY 17, 2018

          Cognizant Recognized as Market Leader in Internet of Things Services by Research and Advisory Firm ISG

          AUGUST 18, 2017

          HfS Research Names Cognizant in “As-a-Service Winner’s Circle” for Energy Operations

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